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100 Apprentices launch new year in TMA Skills Training

SCHAUMBURG – This week, the Technology & Manufacturing Association’s Training & Education Department launched another year of preparing a new generation of skilled manufacturers. An even 100 apprentices will be taking TMA classes this fall – paid for by their employers.

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Preparing the Next Generation of Manufacturing Professionals

The manufacturing industry has long sounded the alarm about the “The Grey Tsunami” that is sweeping away skilled, experienced, and valuable manufacturing professionals. The question is – where will the next generation of manufacturers come from and how will they be trained?

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Employers, instructors and families celebrate TMA Class of 2023

SCHAUMBURG – A person certified in mold making, CNC programming or tool & die making is prized among US manufacturers. Thousands of opportunities for mold makers alone are available on the job-seeking source – but for the most part, mold-making positions are left unfilled because qualified candidates are rare.

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Patrick Osborne, TMA President

Patrick Osborne, who became TMA’s President in July 2021, was vice-president of TMA’s Training & Education Department in June 2015.

From TMA’s June 2015 News Bulletin

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