TMA Partners with BlueForge Alliance to Boost US Submarine Fleet

First-in-the-Midwest Submarine Manufacturing Program

Will Help Strengthen Our Country’s Submarine Industrial Base

SCHAUMBURG, IL – Not since the Cold War has the United States Navy seen such a significant demand for building new submarines. Supporting the Navy’s efforts to maintain our country’s strategic undersea advantage in an increasingly complex international security environment, BlueForge Alliance has engaged the Technology & Manufacturing Association (TMA) to launch a new manufacturing training programs to ensure the country has the workforce it needs to build a new generation of submarines.

TMA’s Submarine Manufacturing Program (SMP) kicked off its first class of recruits who will be trained to take part in the building of a new class of nuclear-powered submarines. As part of the program, TMA has established an advanced manufacturing bootcamp and developed a unique curriculum designed to train interested individuals and provide them employment opportunities with small and midsize manufacturers within the Navy’s submarine industrial base suppliers.

“This is an opportunity for small and midsize manufacturers to play a vital role in maintaining our national security for decades to come,” said TMA President Patrick Osborne. “A main obstacle has been that there haven’t been enough qualified craftsmen to meet the demand for new submarines TMA’s training will equip people from all walks of life to forge lucrative careers in manufacturing and serve our nation by helping upgrade our submarine fleet.”

The Navy has estimated that this undertaking will require more than 140,000 additional skilled workers nationwide over the next decade. TMA is one of the first manufacturing associations to partner with BlueForge Alliance and roll out a training curriculum developed to meet this critical objective.

“American manufacturing is urgently being called on to help expand our submarine industrial base for the first time since the 1980s, and TMA is answering that call,” said Osborne. “BlueForge Alliance is on an unprecedented mission to recruit, train, and employ people in manufacturing to benefit the Navy, and our association, involved members, and recruits are honored to partner in this effort. We’re encouraging high school seniors, young adults, and people from diverse communities to join our SMP and be part of this historic effort to strengthen our national defense in a new way.”

Find more information on TMA’s Submarine Manufacturing Program and the Advanced Manufacturing Bootcamp here.

About TMA: Founded in 1925, TMA is an independent trade association exclusively funded by industry and solely focused on small and midsize manufacturers. TMA has nearly 900 members representing approximately 39,000 manufacturing employees and more than 27 million square feet of manufacturing plant.