Meyer Tool Employees laud new TMA Manufacturing Leadership Program

EDITOR’S NOTE – When the staff of our 99-year-old trade association is congratulated and thanked by the TMA members we serve, we are humbled and encouraged. 

We’re delighted to share these thoughtful comments with our members, association prospects and the public as a whole. 

Thank you, Meyer Tool & Manufacturing, for taking time to publish on your company’s website the following rave about TMA’s Manufacturing Leadership Program, and how it has positively affected your company and its future: 

From Meyer Tool & Manufacturing’s website 

As a learning organization, we believe the best investment is the investment in yourself. That is why this year we sent our third generation leaders Kenny Urban (c), Eric Cunningham (l) and Christian Cunningham (r) (pictured above) to attend TMA’s Manufacturing Leadership Program (MLP).

MLP is a 10 month program designed to enhance the current leadership’s skillset and widen their knowledge on various roles throughout manufacturing. Each session was designed by TMA executives to cover a variety of subjects in critical areas of both business and manufacturing. Topics ranged from understanding personnel’s learning and management style to accounting and finance, each led by an industry expert. At the end of the program each student was required to complete a capstone project, where they analyze their current business’ situation and develop a 3-year plan to better their organization.

Throughout the program Eric,  Kenny, and Christian got to experience and learn about areas that may not be as prevalent day to day for them, but will ultimately make them better leaders. 

“I think the biggest take away for me, is understanding that each person has a different learning and coaching style. As the machine shop supervisor, it’s my job to help everyone else grow and become a more confident and skilled machinist, but everyone doesn’t operate the same way. Using the DISK assessment from MLP, I can better understand how to interact with each machinist. Before, I would just give everyone their traveler and see if people had questions, but now I understand that some people operate better in a 1-on-1 setting, while others prefer a group discussion while problem solving.” said Kenny Urban.

MLP helped Eric understand that there is more to manufacturing than just getting product out the door. 

“To be a successful company you have to look at the big picture rather than just one job at at a time. Efficiency and morale are just as important as what is being shipped that week.”

When we asked Christian about his experience with the MLP program, he said “Being on the sales team, I appreciated the emphasis MLP put on the business side of manufacturing. The class had 20 other people in leadership positions at small manufacturers, and we all experience the same struggles. The class was flexible and centered on a topic, but it was an open discussion rather than a lecture. The speakers allowed the group to openly discuss their own businesses in a judgement free zone, and every student did their best to help you out. Thanks to MLP. I now have a new network of professionals that I can rely on when making difficult decisions.”

As Eric Kenny and Christian continue their journey toward leadership, we are excited to see them take initiative, better themselves, and Meyer Tool. Congratulations to our three next generation leaders for completing the program, and thank you to TMA for offering such a valuable learning opportunity!!

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