Member applauds TMA efforts, challenges others to follow suit

The Technology & Manufacturing Association appreciates the kind words our members share with others. We greatly appreciate these comments by Jim Buster, Sr., who asked that we consider sharing his thoughts with TMA members. 

By Jim Buster, Sr.  

I have been in the manufacturing industry since the late 1970s and aside from its schooling program in the early 1980s, I have had very little direct contact with the Technology & Manufacturing Association. However, within the last year that has changed.  

Recently, I’ve had the great privilege of meeting and getting to know some of the people behind the TMA organization: Isaac Flex, Kent Gladish and Justine Ewald.  These three individuals consistently show that they have every TMA member’s best interest at heart. You really don’t find this type of dedication in many organizations.

Continually I see the TMA recognizing a company or an individual by highlighting the achievements and greatness they have accomplished. Each one of these recognitions can have the power to increase business within the TMA umbrella. TMA’s SIG e-mails offer many companies chances to obtain new customers at zero cost – leads that can develop into life-long customers. Other TMA emails offer potential employment opportunities – again at no cost. Not to mention all of the networking events the TMA provides its members!

This brings me to a question: When was the last time we, as TMA members, returned the gesture? When was the last time we told a friend or neighbor within the manufacturing industry about the greatness of the TMA, its staff, and its offerings that can help take small and midsized manufacturing businesses to the next level?

In life and in business I believe we often tend to miss opportunities to promote ourselves and promote what we do best. With that said, I would ask the entire TMA family (including TMA board members) to ask themselves the question: “Have I made every conscious effort to promote the best of me in the TMA?  Have I reached out lately to my neighbor or friend in the manufacturing community to promote the greatness of the TMA?”

I look forward to seeing how more and more TMA members and staff accept the challenge of returning the favor and promoting TMA.

Jim Buster, Sr (Left in photo with TMA President Patrick Osborne (R)) is Outsourcing Specialist at Haumiller Engineering in South Elgin, Illinois