TMA launches new Manufacturing Leadership Program with Judson University

SCHAUMBURG – The new TMA Manufacturing Leadership Program (MLP), in partnership with Judson University, enhances the knowledge, skills, and abilities of current managers and supervisors that anticipate taking on higher leadership roles within their organization.

With nearly 100 years of experience, TMA is Illinois’ leading authority in educating manufacturers.  Successful manufacturing executives designed the new course, intending to cultivate excellent manufacturing executives.

Participants in the MLP program will learn critical concepts in all primary business functions of manufacturing companies.  The challenging curriculum unique to the American manufacturing world provides a distinctive learning experience. Students will put new ideas into action after leaving each monthly session. The program will culminate with a challenging capstone project, allowing them to demonstrate how they put class lessons into practice to their colleagues.

The MLP has an individual student focus within a group-learning environment.  Participants can network and build relationships with others in their field.

MLP sharpens participants’ skills in each of a manufacturing company’s functional areas that will help them make confident, well-informed decisions as managers. The year-long program will challenge participants and help them develop teamwork and communication skills to meet the rigors of executive leadership.

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The videos below provide insight into the Manufacturing Leadership Program in partnership with Judson University: