Meet Andrew: Junior Mold Maker

Andrew is a junior mold maker at Pro Mold & Die in Roselle, Illinois.

“I wanted to get into mold making. My background is in machining and welding, so I was curious as to what mold making was about,” Andrew says in a new video produced by Technology & Manufacturing Association in Schaumburg, IL.

Andrew says he stopped by Pro Mold & Die one day and simply said with his skills background he was interested in learning more about mold making. “I thought it perhaps this could be a fit somehow. I was hired the same day, and because of that experience, I’ve been able to catch onto mold making pretty quickly just because of similar field experience,” he said.

It was just as simple as that for Andrew to add to his skills expertise.

“Mold making is more focused on the fitting and assembly of the mold,” Andrew said. “Training for that is available at TMA and some community colleges.”

Andrew says he likes his work in manufacturing is that he is creating something. Manufacturing is physically less demanding on the body than construction work, and is equally satisfying.

Molds he makes are included in appliances and automobiles – like the dishwasher part he shows in the video.

Workforce development is a big challenge for mold making companies. “Take advantage of every opportunity. Take classes, training,” Andrew said.

Watch the 5:33 video featuring Andrew:

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