CNC Machining: A “Better Fit” for Brandon of HM Manufacturing

“Ever since I was a kid, I would drive my dad crazy taking things apart in the garage, trying to see how things work,” Brandon, a CNC machinist at HM Manufacturing said.

He liked to see how things work, and was fascinated about the level of detail that goes into making those components that are used every day.

CNC machinists have to be very detail-oriented, having to work with tight tolerances, up to one-millioneth of an inch. The work is challenging, and something new to learn every day.

Doing this type of work was “a better fit” for Brandon than attending college for four years. He says for him, CNC machining was the best way to get a solid job with great benefits and more training without starting a different career thousands of dollars in college debt.

Being a CNC machinist means career progress that depends on how hard one works and how quickly a person learns skills valuable to the company.

“Whatever you can think of to make and draw on paper, we can make it,” Brandon said. “I think that’s really cool.”

Learn more about Brandon and CNC Machining on this new video published by the Technology & Manufacturing Association in Schaumburg, Illinois (