ZDnet.com: Hunker down: The chip shortage, higher prices set to linger a while

With recent murmurings of chip shortages easing through to 2022, one could be forgiven for imagining some sort of promised land where prices return to the lower levels once remembered.

Unfortunately, that idea will have to be consigned to the land of rainbows, pixie dust, and affordable housing in major cities, because while the situation may ease, that doesn’t mean it will stop growing.

For Gartner senior analyst Ben Lee, the relief slated to arrive in the middle of 2022 is not a lowering of absolute prices, but a slowing in the rate of growth.

“In terms of the chip shortage, [prices will be] not as high before … or flat, or slightly decreasing,” Lee told ZDNet.

“So far we don’t see that any sign that we’re going to see [a] crash.”

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