Will 2019 be the year your team “upskills”?

The new year will bring into focus several innovations to draw the next generation of potential skilled workers into manufacturing, Industry Week says.

One of the kay ways more focus will be on manufacturing careers is through manufacturers working directly with vocational training centers to offer apprenticeships wherein team members are paid to learn new skills.

It’s a somewhat new term called “upskilling.”

“Upskilling” is exactly what the Technology & Manufacturing Association has been doing since 1925 – that is providing beginner training for those considering manufacturing careers, while offering advanced training to “upskill” those already in the field.

Upgrading your team’s skills is the best and most efficient way to stay ahead of waves of the future, to be able to take advantage of available new technology and be in the forefront of introducing new techniques to the world.

TMA’s Education and Training Department is preparing to kickoff 2019 with an array of skill courses available for TMA members and their teams.

Check out TMA’s instructor-led training and online courses available in TMA’s Education and Training catalogue or available online at www.TMAIllinois.org.