2019: Manufacturing Predictions

Antony Bourne, IFS Global Industry director for Manufacturing, makes three predictions for manufacturing in 2019:

Prediction #1: 50% of all manufacturing companies will be using AI in some form by the end of 2021

Prediction #2: 25% of manufacturing planners will be talking to their systems by the end of 2020 

Prediction #3: Pick-and-place robots will put away 25% of manufactured goods by the end of 2020

Bourne writes, “A new generation of point AI solutions will prove themselves in 2019. They’ll build new trust, urgency and understanding of what ‘AI’ actually is, and just how much it can deliver. Voice-driven solutions will lead the charge. And we’ll see pick-and-place robots in smart warehouses delivering a major competitive edge, as companies advance their use of Robotic Process Automation…”

Are Bourne’s predictions for 2019 realistic or idealistic?