TMA’s Special Interest Groups share ideas about COVID-19 situation

TMA’s unique group of members that participate in an online Special Interests Group (SIG) hosted by Membership Vice President Kent Gladish asked some questions among the group participants about the current, quickly-changing COVID-19 scenario:

The questions asked were:
1. What are members doing for employees who have to be on a 14-day quarantine?
2. Are members planning to add sick days to existing PTO availability?
3. What if the government mandates a shut-down for 14 days and all employees stay home for 14 days? How are they planning to manage pay?

The answers SIG participants offered were:
– Adding minimum 2 sick days to current PTO, short term disability kick in if under doctor’s care
– Check w/business interruption insurance – this type of shutdown would not be covered
– If employee is found to be CV positive, expect a shut down for 48-72 hrs for a plant deep clean.
– Employees that can’t work from home will receive pay using combo holiday reschedules & PTO.
– No penalties for extra PTO if people need it.
– If a family member infected w/virus, require self-quarantines of employees from that family for two weeks of excused absence.
– Employees that need to stay home w/kids (due to school closures) will be excused
– If quarantine will need to last longer than 14 days, will re-assess the situation.
– During pandemic, COMPANY will not deduct any PTO for pandemic-related reasons including illness (family), mandatory shutdown, or child care due to school closings.
– Mandate employees to stay home & provide full 14 days pay.
– Employees could use PTO, if they run out they can go negative on their balance & draw upon future accruals.
– If they leave/terminated before positive balance, either reduce final check or just forgive the amount.