Employers, instructors and families celebrate TMA Class of 2023

SCHAUMBURG – A person certified in mold making, CNC programming or tool & die making is prized among US manufacturers. Thousands of opportunities for mold makers alone are available on the job-seeking source Indeed.com – but for the most part, mold-making positions are left unfilled because qualified candidates are rare.

In May, the Technology & Manufacturing Association’s Training & Education presented certificates to 52 graduates that completed three years of intensive study in their individual fields of interest. Their TMA course completion, if combined with the required number of hands-on job training hours for each discipline, qualifies them to be considered journeymen in their elective fields, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s specifications.

The 52 that completed their required related theory studies in 2023 added to the 7,662 graduates that have gone before them through TMA’s training since the mid-1950s.

TMA’s training has been dubbed “the gold standard” in preparing skilled tradespeople for the manufacturing sector. Not only does TMA use a high-quality curriculum, but experienced, skilled instructors lead the studies.

In addition, Association members employ the apprentices during their three-year training period and pay for their training – setting the course for each graduate to embark upon a challenging career, often debt-free.

So when a TMA graduation is held every year, not only do the TMA graduates celebrate, but so do their families, their TMA instructors, and TMA staff, and the graduates’ employers.

TMA NEWS STORY: TMA celebrates as 52 graduate into new manufacturing career opportunities

Those graduates in TMA’s Class of 2023 are:

CNC Programming

  • Thomas F. Alvin
  • Martin Ayala Chavez
  • Kacper Czyszczon
  • Alfredo Del Real
  • Carlos Del Real
  • Jose Dominquez
  • Adam J. Feith
  • Anthony Feliciano
  • Juan C. Hernandez
  • Nicholas W. Jaeger
  • Alan B. Konwinski
  • Jakob D. McQuire
  • Edgar J. Morales
  • Christian Ochoa
  • James J. Palek
  • Mario Paredes
  • Debora Rodriguez
  • Audy Romo Jr.
  • Erik Rosas
  • Matthew Schmidt
  • Markanthony Victoria


Tool & Die Making

  • Luis Alberto Ahumada
  • William S. Bianchi
  • Jacob Brandeis
  • Scott R. Brooks
  • Matthew Stephan Custer
  • Jake A. Dunn
  • Eduardo Irineo
  • Quinn Joyce
  • Noah J. Konters
  • Jacob E. McCarty
  • Matthew Packard
  • Kelen Price-Snowden
  • Nimai A. Rawlinson
  • Rafael Salas
  • Sebastian K. Sanchez
  • Parker J. Schlim
  • Brian Sharkus
  • Christopher Torpe
  • Rosemberg U. Vazquez
  • Bryan K. Walker
  • Nicholas C. Ward


Mold Making

  • Aaron Levi Arias
  • Miquel A. Barboza
  • Vincent A. Buskirk
  • Thomas Cicardo
  • Morgan H. Fassnacht
  • Connor C. Hochel
  • Ben Jensen
  • Mason Kidd
  • Timothy J. Raddatz
  • Tristin P. Wrenn

More information about the Technology & Manufacturing Association’s Training and Education on TMA’s website:  www.tmaillinois.org .