TMA celebrates as 52 graduate into new manufacturing career opportunities

Congratulations to the
Graduating Class

SCHAUMBURG – On April 25th, the Technology & Manufacturing Association’s Training and Education celebrated 52 students completing their advanced coursework in one of three industry-crucial specialties: tool & die, CNC programming and moldmaking.

The Class of 2023 studied and applied the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience for the past three years to obtain TMA’s prized graduation credentials – paid for by their employers.

Each TMA graduate learned the latest industry technology, explored the most up-to-date industry principles and practices, and gained advice and support from knowledgeable professionals.

TMA graduates, over three years, gained hands-on exposure in their fields that will provide them with the confidence and expertise needed to succeed as Tool & Die Makers, CNC Programmers, or Mold Makers – careers in-demand among the US manufacturing industry.

Their employers, who generously funded their training, benefit  immediately as their in-training employers apply newfound knowledge and skills in the workplace.

TMA offers on-site training, online education, plus certifications and accreditations for the manufacturing industry.

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