TMA Partners With Chicago’s MHub To Hoist Manufacturing

CHICAGO, IL – So you’ve got a great idea that you think would sell millions and make life much easier. If you’re not one of the lucky ones to make the Shark Tank auditions, you rack your brain trying to think of how to get that part, product or invention made.

An innovative idea in bringing together entrepeneurs and experienced manufacturers to bring those dreams to fruition is evolving in the Chicago region. This week, a 92-year-old manufacturing association announced they’re eager to enter yet another industry phase by partnering with an idea getting its bearings in the Chicago market.

Thursday, the Schaumburg-based Technology and Manufacturing Association (TMA) and Chicago’s mHUB, a physical product innovation and manufacturing hub, announced a partnership that will expand workforce development and connect physical product entrepreneurs with manufacturing industry leaders to create opportunities for collaborative innovation.

The new partnership will allow both TMA and mHUB to aid and grow the manufacturing industry in Illinois by cultivating the next generation of manufacturer leaders. Through the agreement, TMA and mHUB will provide members of their communities with a wide range of training courses and access to machines, as well as networking opportunities at mHUB’s state-of-the-art facility in Chicago.
“TMA is excited about this partnership with mHUB,” said Steve Rauschenberger, President of TMA. “By providing physical product innovators with access to resources like labs and machines, workshops, mentors and industry connections, mHUB is making a real difference for our community. TMA is proud to be one of the initial founders of mHUB, and happy to install machines that will be used for the next generation of industry leaders. We look forward to working with mHUB to help foster creative solutions and innovations for the manufacturing industry.”
“TMA has been a true supporter of mHUB since the beginning, and we’re looking forward to taking the partnership to the next level,” said Haven Allen, mHUB Executive Director. The bright future of our region’s manufacturing leadership depends on workforce preparedness and bringing fresh ideas and perspectives into the industry. Through our partnership with TMA, our startups will engage with manufacturers and collaborate to bring the next generation of products to market, as we in turn prepare new workforces with the necessary training to support them.”

The 63,000-square-foot facility includes 10 labs for 3-D printing, electronics, metal and plastic fabrication and other uses, with more than $2.5 million of prototyping and manufacturing equipment. The space will also give entrepreneurs access to a community of manufacturing mentors, experts and investors.

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