State of Illinois requires 100+ employers to report payroll information beginning in 2022

Businesses with over 100 employees required to provide contact and payroll information to the State

SPRINGFIELD – As the year comes to a close, the Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL) is reminding Illinois businesses with over 100 employees to provide contact information to the department to remain in compliance with the Equal Pay Act of 2003.

The Illinois General Assembly passed and Governor Pritzker signed updated legislation earlier this year that requires private businesses with 100 or more employees in the state of Illinois to report certain payroll information to IDOL beginning in 2022 (see PA 101-656 and PA 102-36).

“The department wants businesses to remain in compliance with this law, and IDOL will provide them with the necessary guidance to do so. The collection of contact information is the first move toward creating a line of communication with large employers,” said Illinois Department of Labor Director Michael Kleinik.

The first step in this process is to collect contact information for businesses that are subject to the reporting requirements. IDOL is requesting three email contacts to ensure future communications will reach someone within a business. Contact information can be submitted here: IDOL Business Contact Information. IDOL will send additional instructions for future compliance efforts and deadlines via email.

If a business does not currently have 100 or more employees, contact information is unnecessary. If a business grows and their employees reach or surpass 100, the business will be required to submit their contact information to the department. The link to provide contact information to the department will stay open on the department’s website for businesses to enter their information to remain in compliance with the law.

Public employers are exempt from these reporting requirements.