Post required safety, health posters, IL labor department tells employers

SPRINGFIELD — Illinois’ Department of Labor sent out a reminder to employers statewide Monday about their responsibility to post required safety and health posters.

“It is important that employers display this poster where their workers will see it on a regular basis,” said Department of Labor Director Michael Kleinik.

Illinois OSHA, a division of the state Department of Labor, covers public-sector employers in the state. In Illinois, most private employers fall under federal OSHA’s jurisdiction, which also requires the display of a similar poster.

The poster provides a summary of employees’ rights, for example:

• You have the right to notify your employer or IDOL about workplace hazard. You can remain confidential upon request.
• You have the right to see IDOL citations issued to your employer.
• You have the right to request an IDOL inspection if you believe that there are unsafe or unhealthy working conditions.

And it also addresses employers’ responsibilities:

• You must furnish your employees a place of employment free from recognized hazards.
• You must comply with the occupational safety and health standards issued under this Act.
• You must post any citations issued by IDOL at or near the place of the violation(s).

The poster also notifies employers that they are required to orally report all work-related fatalities to Illinois OSHA within eight hours and report all work-related in-patient hospitalizations, amputations or losses of an eye within 24 hours at the Illinois OSHA hotline – 217-782-7860.

Here is a link to the state safety poster:

Here is a link to the federal OSHA safety poster: