Nearly 60% of Illinois Manufacturers Approve of Trump Tariffs

Latest survey reflects 18% increase among manufacturers since last year

SCHAUMBURG, IL – According to a recent survey by the Technology & Manufacturing Association (TMA), Illinois manufacturers are warming to President Trump’s tariffs.

Of the small to mid-sized manufacturers surveyed last month, 59% of the TMA network agrees with the Trump Administration’s tariffs on China, Canada and Mexico. A similar survey conducted last year showed just 42% of manufacturers agreed with the tariffs.

“When the tariffs were first imposed, especially on steel and aluminum, the manufacturing community was concerned,” said Steve Rauschenberger, President of TMA. “Now a year later, manufacturers are seeing that the pressure the Trump Administration put on countries like Canada, Mexico, and China, is turning out to have long-term benefits.”

Manufacturers want improved and fair-trade deals with the countries they do the most business with, and that is being seen in the United States-Mexica-Canada Agreement for example, Rauschenberger said.

While nearly 60% of manufacturers surveyed in July agree with the tariffs, 26% disagree, and 15% were unsure.

TMA surveyed Illinois manufacturers on the same topic in June 2018. At that time only 42% agreed with the tariffs, 40% disagreed, and 18% were unsure.

“In just one year, we’ve seen a 17 point increase among those who agree with the tariffs and a 15 point decrease among those who disagree,” said Dennis LaComb, TMA’s Vice President of Government Relations.

“The long-term benefits considerably outweigh the short-term impacts, and that is what will keep the resurgence of Illinois manufacturing alive for years, if not decades, to come.”

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