How’s Illinois Doing In Job Gains?

How is Illinois’ employment sector holding while the state endures tough financial times?

Holding its own… but not as well as other states, the Governing website found in a recent data collection.

The states where they’re hiring the most are scattered throughout the US – including Idaho, Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Utah and Nevada. The metro area of Boise Idaho is topping the charts with 4.0% growth in this year’s first quarter. Two metro areas in Florida – Orlando and Gainesville – are flourishing, as are the Nashville Tennessee and Dallas/Fort Worth Texas areas.

Governing compiled the latest federal jobs data for all metro areas with workforces of at least 100,000. For each region, monthly employment averages over the first four months of 2017 were compared with those for the same period last year. In all, 33 of the 236 metro areas recorded year-over-year increases exceeding 3 percent.

So how about Illinois? Where did the Midwest’s leading manufacturer’s metro areas rank?

The Rockford and Peoria areas were hit with 2.6 and 1.8 percent overall job losses in the period Governing evaluated.  The Chicago area remained somewhat consistent, with the most growth in the St. Louis Metro area downstate.

Overall, the metro areas they surveyed in Illinois gained 63,450 jobs over the past year. Here’s exactly what they found:

More info on the Governing website HERE