Help TMA answer high school students’ questions #AsktheMakers

SCHAUMBURG – While annual Manufacturing Day company tours are still on hold due to lingering pandemic concerns, TMA launched the #AsktheMakers campaign to stir high school students’ interests in manufacturing careers. The goal is to give students a chance to ask questions of manufacturers and get those questions answers in a fun and concise way – via videos.

Here are a few questions the students asked:

  • Question #1 – How long does it take to be good at your job?
  • Question #2 – What education do you expect from your employees? What education do you provide for your employees?
  • Question #3 – How long is the average schooling for an apprentice?
  • Question #4 – What is the average starting salary?
  • Question #5 – How many hours do you work in a day and what are the working conditions?
  • Question #6 – What kind of job can you get with the skills on the machines?
  • Question #7 – How would something like a bolt or a screw be manufactured?
  • Question #8 – What’s your favorite machine?
  • Question #9 – Where does the metal come from?
  • Question #10 – How does it feel to be manufacturers of different companies?
  • Question #11 – How long does training take to operate a machine?
  • Question #12 – What does a day look like for a CNC operator?
  • Question #13 – What is laser welding and how does it differ from arc welding?

Here’s how you can answer a question or two and participate in TMA21’s #AsktheMakers effort – easily and quickly:

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