Four Bethel New Life success stories: Ashley Agnew

ASHLEY AGNEW – 4th of Four Success Stories

Ashley Agnew was the first among the four Bethel New Life – TMA graduates hired to work at Atlas Tool Works. Once focused on quality control in the shop, Ashley now works with job estimating and project paperwork.

Ashley graduated college with a degree in fashion design, only to switch over to manufacturing.

Now when she’s not at Atlas, she’s working on two projects that bring together fashion with community service.

“I’m working on fashion and my career, balancing work and service,” Ashley said. “I would not give advanced manufacturing up. I face the responsibility of being the first here that’s graduated from TMA’s program. It’s a pathway for new people to come in and show that we’re responsible, we can do these things.”

When she’s not working at Atlas, Ashley is volunteering with youth in the Austin neighborhood, focusing on distributing t-shirts with messaging that discourages violence.

“We’re focused on giving the youth a skill – such as producing their own shirts with empowerment sayings that boost their day,” she said.

Together with an associate, she’s encouraging a creative mindset and responsibility among the neighborhood’s youth. Ashley’s also very proud of being able to purchase her own car to get to and from work and her volunteer efforts.

First published in TMA August 2016 News Bulletin. By Fran Eaton

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Four Bethel New Life Success Stories: