TMA Member Op-Ed: Ease regulatory burdens on business

SCHAUMBURG – TMA member Mike Flynn (left in photo), manager of DuPage Precision Products in Aurora, voiced his opinion in the Daily Herald about the need for Illinois to “ease regulatory burdens on business”:

Illinois businesses are in crisis, buckling under the weight of escalating costs that inflate workers’ living expenses and increase oper- ational overhead. This not only affects Illinois residents’ quality of life, but also hinders innovation and stifles busi- ness development as more people, businesses, jobs and wealth leave our state.

As the manager of DuPage Precision Products in Aurora, I have thus far navigated the minefield of rising fees, workers’ compensation costs, rising insurance premiums and onerous regulations driving small businesses out of Illinois. But not everyone has been so lucky.

This financial onslaught extends beyond individual enterprises like DuPage Precision Products. This growing financial strain on Illinois’ small businesses is contributing to a broader economic strain that affects all citizens of the state.

It’s not just about increased operational costs for businesses; it’s also about job losses for the state’s small business landscape. This widespread economic distress amplifies operational costs, eats into employment opportunities and dims the future financial outlook for future generations. With businesses shutting down or relocating, the tax base shrinks, straining local governments and dimin-ishing the quality of public services for our communities.

This issue transcends local boundaries, posing a statewide concern.

Illinois stands at risk of falling behind in the fierce competition among states for business, jobs and talent. With their more amenable business climates, our neighboring states are beckoning our companies and entrepreneurs, leading to a talent exodus that saps Illinois’s vibrancy and economic momentum.

The time for action is now. Springfield’s lawmakers must fully ease these cumulative costs and regulatory hurdles sinking Illinois’s business environment. Engaging with the business community is crucial; together, we can identify the most burdensome regulations and fees, paving the way for a more business-friendly Illinois.

Mike Flynn


(TMA recently organized a visit for Mr. Flynn (left in photo above) with U.S. Congressman Bill Foster (Center), who toured DuPage Precision Products. Dennis Flynn (R) owns the company.)