Daily Herald Editorial Board Lauds STEM Careers For Women

GENEVA – The suburban Daily Herald covered an event promoting STEM careers Monday night (7/10/2017) at the FONA facility in Geneva, and came away with a renewed optimism about the future of women and manufacturing.

Its editorial board wrote about what Congressman Randy Hultgren’s efforts mean for manufacturers and women of his district:

Women have made great strides in the fields of education, law and medicine in the past half century, but not nearly as much in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math.

But that’s changing, thanks in large part to people becoming aware of the societal pressures that traditionally have kept girls from pursuing such fields and efforts to encourage them to do so.

A program administered by the office of Congressman Randy Hultgren is one important source of inspiration.

Nineteen high school students were chosen for the program aimed at fostering the pursuit of so-called STEM careers. The class comprises 10 women and nine men.

They were taken on weekly tours of businesses that focus on such things as robotics, computer programming and high-tech manufacturing.

TMA’s News Bulletin was also on hand to cover the event, and will be reporting on Congressman Hultgren’s efforts in an upcoming issue.