Women in TMA encouraged to embrace change in a fast-paced industry

ELGIN – Women in TMA were challenged to embrace dramatic changes by author and speaker Stacia Skinner of Creative Training Solutions last Thursday during their annual luncheon at The Haight in Elgin, Illinois. 

Skinner, who specializes in training salespeople, tackled the importance of women in manufacturing adapting to the industry’s advances with “It’s a Jungle Out There: Evolving in a Changing Environment.”

Skinner emphasized that in a time of change, the best way to cope is to be willing to disrupt habits, adjust emotions to handle new ideas and jump in to lead the way, rather than react and resist the changes.

Maybe that’s easier said than done – but in this day and time, willingness to do things differently, not become paralyzed with the changes and lead the way into new paths is the best way to survive and thrive, Skinner said.

Meaghan Ziemba of Making Chips wrote after the luncheon on her blog how Skinner’s speech impacted her outlook on change.

“When change presents itself, most feel uncomfortable, stressed, awkward, doubtful, and uncertain, so our initial reactions are to fight, flight, or freeze,” Ziemba wrote. “One way to overcome the fear towards change is to disrupt the status quo or our current habits.”

Women in TMA’s President Debbie Sommers introduced Stacia Skinner, as well as TMA Board Chairman Todd Beauchamp who attended the luncheon.

For follow-up, Skinner has an e-book available on Amazon.com, “Sell Now: Adaptive Strategies for Today’s Changing Marketplace.”

The luncheon was graciously hosted by the Women in TMA Committee and sponsored by the following TMA members and affiliates:

  • Continental Electrical Construction
  • Keller-Heartt
  • Lakeview Precision Machining
  • Sassetti
  • Simple Machines Marketing
  • Tektac
  • Tempel Steel

In addition, this year’s TMA gold sponsors United Scrap and M&M Bank, along with silver sponsor MB Financial supported the effort.