Woman’s Electric Bill Surpasses $284 Billion For One Month

PENNSYLVANIA – Parts of Pennsylvania was hit over Christmas 2017 weekend with a record-setting up to four feet of snow – making a memorable holiday to be sure.  And while that snowfall is shocking, it pales in comparison to a utility bill one Pennsylvania woman got earlier in the month.

She worried that it had something to do with her and her five children’s Christmas light display outside their home. Or perhaps the Christmas tree lights inside their home.

The bill was for over $284,000,000.  Penelac, her electric provider, expected a minimum of $28,000 for the first installment.

Penelac apologized after a photo texted to the woman’s son of the eye-popping electric bill went viral.

The correct amount was $284.60 – still over her typical $180 per month rate.

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