Will robots eventually replace manufacturing workers?

A report released in November found that as many as 800 million workers worldwide could be replaced by robots by 2030. That’s not shocking to most Americans, but they also don’t believe they are easily replaceable.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey found that 64% of American Adults think it’s at least Somewhat Likely that most jobs in America will be done by robots or computers 25 years from now, including 21% who believe it’s Very Likely.

Thirty percent (30%) don’t think that scenario is likely, with five percent (5%) who feel it’s Not at all Likely.

TMA’s lead training and education instructor Jack Krikorian says robots will become more and more prominent in the years ahead, but that shouldn’t deter the next generation from pursuing careers in manufacturing.

“Someone will be needed to program those robots – and that job will be an important one,” Krikorian says.

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