US Manufacturing hires most in 7 months

Good news continues to come from U.S. manufacturing ranks. In November, manufacturers made the most hires in the last seven months – 27,000 new workers on manufacturing floors nationwide. 

Hiring in November was led by health care firms, which added 40,100 jobs, and professional services such as accounting and engineering, which gained 32,000. Manufacturing companies hired 27,000 new workers, the most in seven months and a sign that trade tensions have yet to weaken factory hiring.

Lydia Boussour, senior economist at Oxford Economics, said that continuous job gains and rising pay has bolstered consumer confidence, offsetting the impact of falling stock prices. Greater confidence has boosted holiday shopping.

Retailers responded by adding 18,200 positions in November, the most in six months. Online spending has lifted shipping and warehousing jobs, which grew 25,400, the largest in 14 months.

From Seattle PI – US hiring slower but steady as employers add 155K jobs – 

All, in all, US manufacturing is growing as fast as they can find a skilled workforce.