US major retailers join effort to correct supply chain woes

MHLNews reports on President Biden’s efforts with major retailers such as WalMart, Target and Home Depot to correct supply chain woes as the crisis mounts:

“Never again should our country and our economy be unable to make critical products we need because we don’t have access to materials to make that product,” President Biden said in a speech. “Never again should we have to rely too heavily on one company or one country or one person in the world, particularly when countries don’t share our values when it comes to labor and environmental standards.”

The White House said that labor leaders made clear their support for this effort, and business leaders announced new commitments to move their cargo during the newly available nighttime and weekend hours.

Participants discussed how the movement of cargo during less congested times will allow trucks to move more quickly on highways during less crowded nighttime hours, and truckers at the ports can drop off and pick up loads more quickly. These commitments from some of the nation’s biggest companies during off-peak hours should increase small businesses’ ability to move their goods during peak hours, including those exporting their goods.

The White House noted that discussions took place about the record-setting cargo moving through the nation’s ports this past year, “where workers at the ports risked their lives to make sure essential goods like food and medicine were available for American families. They noted that the system is almost entirely in the hands of private businesses, who operate and control the ships, the docks, the trucks, the warehouses, and the rails that move goods from ships to stores to houses.”

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