TMA MediaMay 22, 2023

SPRINGFIELD – Illinois employers will be required to disclose salary ranges and benefits on job postings starting January 1, 2025, if Governor JB Pritzker signs the bill into law, as expected. Illinois could become the next after New York, California,

TMA MediaMay 19, 2023

18 Area High Schools Participated in the Association’s Most Effective Initiative for Career Recruitment into High-Tech Precision Manufacturing   SCHAUMBURG, IL – The Technology & Manufacturing Association hosted 236 students from 18 high schools at its 31st Annual Precision Machining

TMA MediaMay 19, 2023

TMA Education Foundation supports the Next Generation of Manufacturing Leaders SCHAUMBURG – The Technology & Manufacturing Association is a 98-year-old institution that formed in response to needs Illinois manufacturers were facing in the mid 1920s. Over time, the group of

TMA MediaMarch 7, 2023

An unexpected societal reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic and the sudden and dramatic changes the devastating virus demanded on all our lives has been termed “The Great Resignation,” “The Big Quit” or “The Great Realization.” Taking hold a year into