Updated IT systems attract new talent, report says

Having a tough time pulling in the talent you’re looking for? A new Harvard Business report says one way to attract new talent is to update your IT systems and tools …

  • Employers with outmoded IT systems and tools can’t compete successfully for talent, according to the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report, commissioned by Insight Enterprises. Among the 241 respondents in the online survey of U.S. business leaders and consultants, 58% said their technology offerings are a factor in candidates’ decisions to work for them and 51% said outdated technology hampers their ability to compete for talent.
  • The group said that giving employees access to data and knowledge is one way companies can build a connected workforce, raise employee loyalty and attract candidates. Most of the survey respondents (63%) said they want greater self-service access to critical data, 50% want to choose their own devices with which to do so and 45% want more self-service software setup and installation.
  • Respondents also identified key barriers to using technology for collaborating and connecting in the workplace: disparate systems across an organization; no education or training for workers; the wrong tools; and trouble with budgets, resources and IT support.

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