Union Says Talks with GM Have ‘Taken a Turn for the Worse’

After three weeks, the United Auto Workers say negotiations have “taken a turn for the worse” in ending their strike against General Motors Co.

From Bloomberg Oct 7, 2019 –

Talks to end a three-week strike at General Motors Co. stalled Sunday on the union’s request for more investment in U.S. factories, slowing progress made in recent days on other key issues.

In a letter to members, United Auto Workers Vice President Terry Dittes said the union made an offer to GM on Saturday evening. The company’s response Sunday morning didn’t address some issues, especially job security, and, he wrote, “negotiations have taken a turn for the worse.”

“They reverted back to their last rejected proposal and made little change,” Dittes wrote about GM. “It did nothing to provide job security during the term of this agreement.”

And what’s the biggest issue? Well, there’s not just one …

The pressure for a deal has been increasing, on all sides, and the issues are surprisingly complex. Those issues include corruption investigations of union leaders; the move from traditional engines in favor of electric ones; and the possibility that the economy could flip into recession with damage of a longer strike at a company like GM.

The fight isn’t over once an agreement is reached: The deal must be ratified by all members. After four years of record profits for the company, workers want a share of the spoils, said Kristin Dziczek, vice president of the labor and economics group and the Center for Automotive Research. “They will have to sell it,” she said.