Trump official: ‘Everyone who wants a job can get a job’ in Trump economy

This comment from a presidential administration is one that most of those living today has never heard before: “Everyone who wants a job can get a job.”

From The Hill on Monday:

Peter Navarro, director of the White House’s Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, hailed the job market under President Trump in a radio interview that aired Sunday, claiming “everybody who wants a job can get a job.”

“Everybody who wants a job can get a job in the Trump economy. Everybody who wants to look for a better job has more opportunity to do so,” Navarro told radio host John Catsimidis. “And that gives families sitting around the kitchen table a lot of comfort.”

The most recent unemployment data indicated that as of early December, the U.S. had a 3.5 percent unemployment rate.

Navarro also predicted nearly 3 percent growth in gross domestic product by the end of 2020.

The interview and rest of the story is  HERE.