TMA’s 2022 Candidate Survey Identifies Illinois Pro-Manufacturing Office Seekers

SCHAUMBURG, IL – Dozens of candidates for state and federal offices completed the Technology and Manufacturing Association (TMA) 2022 candidate questionnaire, which surveyed candidates on their positions related to pro-growth and pro-manufacturing issues.

As Illinois manufacturers endure cumbersome government regulations and a burdensome tax climate, TMA informs their members and Illinois voters of candidate positions ahead of the June 28th elections. Of those who completed TMA’s survey, 11 candidates for federal office and 12 candidates for state office were aligned with manufacturers on at least 80% of the issues discussed.

Illinois Federal Candidates: Kathy Salvi, U.S. Senate (R); Karin Norington-Reaves, CD-1 (D); Justin Burau, CD-3 (R); Keith Pekau, CD-6 (R); Gary Grasso, CD-6 (R); Robert Cruz, CD-6 (R); Scott Kaspar, CD-6 (R); Chris Dargis, CD-8 (R); Mike Koolidge, CD-14 (R); Michael Rebresh, CD-16 (R); and Jacqueline McGowan, CD-17 (D).

TMA’s Federal Candidate questionnaire answers are available HERE.

Illinois State Candidates: Max Solomon, Governor (R); Bill Robertson, SD-27, (R); Eddie Kornegay, HD-7 (R); Mark Albers, HD-15(R); Charles Hutchinson, HD-18 (R); Don DeWitte, HD-33 (R); Jack Vrett, HD-53 (R); Peter Pettorini, HD-61 (R); Tom Weber, HD-64 (R); Dan Ugaste, HD-65 (R); Connie Cain, HD-66 (R); and John Cabello, HD-90 (R).

TMA’s State Candidate questionnaire answers are available HERE.

TMA Executive Vice President Dennis LaComb said, “Manufacturing is one of the top industries in Illinois, but far too few elected officials promote legislation that supports this critical sector of our economy.

“We’ve taken it upon ourselves to educate legislators on the importance of our industry as we consistently advocate on behalf of Illinois manufacturers. This survey reflects a candidate’s commitment to promoting and growing Illinois manufacturing – which also means they encourage the creation and sustainability of good-paying manufacturing jobs in our state.

“We thank all the office-seekers who completed our 2022 candidate survey, and we hope that voters carefully consider candidates’ support for manufacturing when they vote in the upcoming election.”

In addition, TMA also provided a Legislative Score Card for the 2022 session of the Illinois General Assembly. Only 21 of 118 House members voted with TMA’s policy positions 75% or more of the time. Only 12 of 59 Illinois Senators voted with TMA 75% of the time or more.

TMA offers the 2022 Legislative Scorecard to see how incumbent lawmakers have chosen to vote on issues important to Illinois small- to medium-sized manufacturers.

About TMA: Founded in 1925, the Technology and Manufacturing Association is an independent trade organization exclusively focused on assisting and promoting small and mid-size manufacturers by providing a diverse portfolio of benefits and services, including: community, information, training, resources, and advocacy. TMA has nearly 1,000 members representing over 35,000 manufacturing employees and more than 25 million square feet of manufacturing plant.