TMA Responds to Governor’s State of the State Address

TMA’s Vice President Highlights How Manufacturers Face a Different Reality Than What Illinois Governor Pritzker Painted in the State of the State Address

SCHAUMBURG, IL – Technology & Manufacturing Association Executive Vice President Dennis LaComb issued the following statement today in response to Governor Pritzker’s State of the State Address:

“We were hoping to hear from the governor today about progress being made to help Illinois’ small and midsize manufacturers compete, grow, and create jobs. Instead, we heard about more tax giveaways to big out-of-state businesses, more spending initiatives, and added taxes and regulations that will stifle economic growth while increasing costs on employers.

Manufacturers in our state are facing real problems. We’re paying more for energy, materials, and regulation compliance than ever before. We’re paying the 2nd highest corporate income tax rate in the nation. Adding to the stress, many manufacturers are dealing with the Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) fallout. And the estate tax unfairly punishes multi-generational manufacturers. Yet it seems, if you’re not a Chinese-owned battery plant or big Michigan-based auto manufacturer, you don’t matter to this governor.

There are real, tangible things we can work on together to strengthen manufacturing in Illinois, if the governor is willing to listen to the bipartisan members of our Small and Midsize Manufacturers (SaMM) Caucus in Springfield. They’ve put forward positive, common sense legislation to help our industry and its workforce. We call on the governor and legislative leaders to work with us to help create more good paying jobs for Illinoisans.” 

About TMA: Founded in 1925, the Technology and Manufacturing Association is an independent trade organization exclusively focused on assisting small and midsize manufacturers by providing a diverse portfolio of benefits and services, including: community, information, training, resources, and advocacy. TMA has nearly 1,000 members representing over 35,000 manufacturing employees and more than 25 million square feet of manufacturing plant.