TMA Stands By To Assist Manufacturers

“Houston, we have a problem.”

Who doesn’t remember actor Tom Hanks uttering those breath-taking words in the movie “Apollo 13”? It was a reenactment of tense moments during a routine systems check when astronaut Jim Lovell conveyed the flight’s systems were in need of immediate attention.

The award-winning film relived the intense, spontaneous reaction of crews both in outer space and at Houston’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s headquarters. Engineers, maintenance managers, physicians, aeronautic scientists, physicists, chemists and others with practical ideas were called in to help.

Together the experts resolved the crisis while the world watched, allowing Apollo 13 to complete its mission and get the astronauts safely home.

For TMA members, there’s an array of benefits and services that assist members in addressing issues, resolving crisis, and preparing their companies to launch to the next level. For example:


  • EMPLOYEE RECRUITMENT – TMA has a specialized network that combines manufacturing technology with workforce development to assist in finding the right candidates for staff vacancies.
  • BENEFITS – Through TMA Health Solutions ©, we offer members health care benefits plans from a professional staff with an exclusive focus on – and unparalleled understanding of – small to mid-sized manufacturers.
  • HUMAN RESOURCES – TMA provides members professional human resource management assistance through a free HR Hotline, on-site HR department development, employment law compliance audits, handbook and policy development, and employee training.
  • RETIREMENT – TMA offers members participation in a 401K retirement savings plan with performance and benefits generally reserved for only the largest companies.
  • PAYROLL – TMA offers discounted payroll services, at cost-effective prices designed to put money back into member’s pockets. Services include tax services, custom reporting, time and labor management.
  • UNEMPLOYMENT – TMA helps members stop overpaying, and start saving by reducing costs, maximizing resources and achieving financially sound unemployment claims solutions through Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc.
  • WORKERS COMP – TMA helps members navigate the complexities of workers comp regulations.


  • TRAINING & EDUCATION – Since 1925 TMA has served as a valued source of employee learning and development for member companies. Today TMA provides training programs designed around member needs and employee schedules to help members operate, maintain and troubleshoot their businesses.
  • INSTRUCTOR-LED TRAINING – TMA’s on-site training includes: Related Theory, Design, Hands-On Training, Technical Training, Seminars, and Safety Courses.
  • ONLINE TRAINING – TMA’s online training includes: Manufacturing Processes/Materials, Quality, Manufacturing Fundamentals, Lean Manufacturing, Engineering & Automation, MSSC Certification, NIMS CNC Operation, Tooling U Occupational Packages, New Hire Training, and TMA Leadership Institute.


  • SHIPPING | TRANSPORTATION – TMA can help members lower costs through an affordable and reliable shipping/transportation network.
  • ENERGY – TMA members can access an energy risk management program that could cut electric and natural gas costs to the wholesale level.
  • SUPPLIES – TMA offers members discounts on business products and industrial supplies with free shipping and/or 10 – 45% discounts.
  • PRODUCTION EFFICIENCIES – Company productivity can be enhanced with rapid access to tools, capabilities and services through Team TMA’s alliance with the Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC).
  • PROPERTY & CASUALTY – TMA members can protect their equipment, assets and business through its property and casualty insurance offering. OSHA | SAFETY – TMA members have access to top-line OSHA and safety audits, training, and certifications.


  • SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP – TMA provides members access to an exclusive, online network of 650+ fellow manufacturers that share ideas, develop solutions, solve problems and shop jobs.
  • MEMBER DIRECTORY – TMA provides a directory to facilitate communication and commerce between members. MARKETING – TMA connects members to marketing professionals to assist them in growing their business.
  • GRANTS | TAX CREDITS – TMA monitors and communicates the availability of grant funds through the State of Illinois, and often acts as administrator for qualified TMA members. TMA also helps members find and apply for applicable tax credits. TMA connects members with peers at the local, regional and national levels – facilitating conversations that can lead to new opportunities and help discover better ways to operate. This network provides members the opportunity for professional development through participation in specialized peer groups, committees and boards designed to grow leadership skills and experience.


  • GOVERNMENT RELATIONS – TMA provides small- to mid-sized manufacturers the political influence and capability that only large corporations can afford.
  • LOBBYING – TMA provides members the ability to effect public policy through robust issue advocacy and lobbying at the state, county and municipal level.
  • PAC – TMA provides members a vehicle – TMA PAC – through which they can multiply the impact of their political support by collectively investing and leveraging their donations with other members in order to increase and amplify their influence and enhance legislator accountability.
  • PUBLIC RELATIONS – TMA enhances members’ public image by promoting their company’s brand through profiles, press releases, TMA’s News Bulletin magazine, email, social media and other communications channels.
  • TMA FOUNDATION – TMA provides members a tax-deductible way to address the skills gap by investing in the next generation of employees and the future of their business and industry.


TMA provides members various data and reports, compensation surveys, industry news as well as meeting and office space. Let us know how we can help you.

More about what TMA can do to help get your company ready to take off – TMA News Bulletin September 2017