TMA releases new employee newsletter

The Schaumburg-based Technology & Manufacturing Association released last month its first attempt to encourage our members’ employees directly through a published newsletter, the Impel.

Here’s how we introduced ourselves in the first edition:


It’s a word you probably don’t hear much, but it’s one that affects your work each and every day. And it’s why the Technology & Manufacturing Association is using the word “Impel” to name this newsletter and launch a conversation with you.

Your employer is a member of TMA, and we at TMA are committed to helping our members succeed. We know that our members’ teams are crucial to their success – and that’s why we’ve asked them to open the door to hear from their teams. Your input is important to all of us. It’s how employers build success – by learning what causes you to do the excellent work you do every day.

Whatever “impels” you is what moves you and thousands of others forward – to advance your skills, your teamwork goals, and your efforts on the job. What motivates you is what “impels” you from down deep inside. TMA is interested in learning more about you, your teammates and your ambitions for the future. Let’s start a conversation with the fi rst edition of “Impel.”

Let us know your thoughts about what you’d like to read about in future editions by emailing us at Impel@

The first issue of the new quarterly is posted here. If you’d like to have copies sent to your company, notify TMA at They will be sent only at employers’ request.