TMA offers new day-long CNC Programming Class

American manufacturers are reporting they have more work than team members – and it is becoming such a critical issue that they’re having to turn down work.

The Technology & Manufacturing Association’s 800 members agree with what their colleagues nationwide are saying, and TMA is now stepping up their high-grade training options to meet that need.

For decades, TMA has been offering various career path training to their company members and their staffs. Patrick Osborne, Vice President of TMA’s Training and Education, is working to expand the flexibility of class scheduling.

Besides the classes available two nights a week for employees, training for high schools is going on during the day at TMA’s headquarters in Schaumburg, IL.

Last Friday, TMA began offering a full day CNC Programming class on Fridays. Eight students started this first class, which will end September 27th.

This one-day-a-week class will be added to this year’s growing number of training options, including TMA’s  Tuesday/Thursday Related Theory Classes beginning September 3. Mon/Wed.on September 4th.

The first year courses are the cornerstone of the Apprentice Program and cover math, print reading, and the basics of machine tool technology.

To be eligible for the class, TMA requires successful completion of WorkKeys assessments.

For more classes available at TMA, check out TMA Training & Education