TMA member steps up to make ventilator parts urgently needed by COVID-19 patients

GENEVA IL – Smith & Richardson of Geneva, Illinois – a longtime member of the Technology & Manufacturing Association – is stepping up to work with the federal government’s urgent needs due to the coronavirus situation now attacking the United States.

Smith & Richardson’s President Rich Hoster was featured Wednesday night on Chicago 7’s News, speaking about how his company will be prioritizing making ventilator components.

From the report:

Near-wartime production is to start Thursday at Smith and Richardson metal manufacturing in west suburban Geneva.

“How do we keep everybody safe and still produce enough to be able to fight off the virus?” said company president Rich Hoster.

The family-owned company will comply with a federal government request to sharply increase output of six metal components for ventilators that are in short supply to help coronavirus patients breath.

“We have been asked to put those in front of any other orders that we have,” said Hoster. “We’re looking at what we can do to rearrange our schedule right now to make that happen for them,” he told the I-Team. “Just like during war time, we’ve got to be able to produce the products necessary in order to continue to keep our people safe and treat people who do come down with this virus.”

Chicago 7’s report below:

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