TMA: IL’s latest energy bill “another punishing blow on manufacturers, employees”

Schaumburg, IL—Statement from TMA Executive Vice President Dennis LaComb regarding the new Illinois Energy Bill that passed the Illinois House and which Governor Pritzker said he will sign into law, which experts have already determined will increase energy costs for the average Illinois household at least $5-$15 per month and businesses like manufacturers significantly more.

“Manufacturing is responsible for more than 30% of our country’s energy consumption. Yet Springfield politicians once again disregarded the concerns, ideas, and collaborative offers from Illinois manufacturers as they pushed through this costly energy bill. What will it take for the Governor and state legislators to bring the small and mid-sized job creators to the negotiating table?

This bill makes Illinois’ energy less reliable and more expensive. In fact, it will result in the largest rate increase in Illinois history, and is another punishing blow for Illinois manufacturers and their employees.”

About TMA: Founded in 1925, the Technology & Manufacturing Association (TMA) serves small and medium-size manufacturers throughout Illinois and the United States; representing over 32,000 employees and nearly 26,000,000 square feet of manufacturing plant.