TMA COVID Update: Time to prepare for possible COVID lawsuits

SCHAUMBURG – Technology & Manufacturing Association members have been saying for a while that the information TMA sends their way is yet another key reason why they value their association membership.

During the COVID crisis, when things were so confusing and unknown, TMA was on hand daily providing information to members about the latest developments and suggesting ways to deal with the pandemic in the workplace. So many manufacturers were deemed “essential” and had to make adjustments as needed while they were learning about the virus, its effects on the workforce and the workplace.

TMA continues this crucial service while the initial urgency has died down by providing information like this:

More than 460 lawsuits involving coronavirus safety claims were already filed by the end of July. To prepare for potential suits, manufacturers need to start mapping out strategies now. A few simple tips:

Document correspondence and meetings with health experts and other consultants, as they gather information that can help put together effective safety protocols that can keep workers safe. These interactions can help to defend the company against some lawsuits.

Maintain detailed written policies and procedures regarding worker safety during the Covid-19 pandemic, as they will help companies fare far better than those that don’t have them. Explaining what steps should be taken if an outbreak occurs will also show the company has acted in “good faith” with the employees’ best interest in mind.

Involve frontline workers in the development of the health and safety protocols to keep workers safe. Survey workers to find out areas that they feel are unsafe and ask them for suggestions on what can be done to ease their fears. Document these interactions—it is much harder to argue that the company has been negligent when the workers have participated in developing the safety protocols. It will also help your managers see the gaps and, perhaps, help you avoid being sued in the first place.

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