TMA congratulates newly-elected pro-manufacturing state legislators

The Technology & Manufacturing Association congratulates winners in the Nov. 8 election who are going to Springfield to support pro-manufacturing and pro-growth policies.

TMA recognizes candidates who scored 80% or higher on their candidate questionnaire as pro-manufacturing and pro-growth. These leaders, which include two from the Illinois Senate and seven from the Illinois House, understand that it puts our state at a disadvantage when Illinois manufacturers endure economic stagnation and record inflation exacerbated by burdensome taxes and regulations.

TMA President Patrick Osborne said, “Each of these leaders bring their own experiences and skillset to the table, but what they all share is a belief in and desire to support our small and midsize manufacturers. From their time in office to this most recent campaign, this group of leaders has committed to standing up for this key sector of our economy. Our members are ready to collaborate with them on ways to help grow Illinois.”

TMA President Patrick Osborne shared his appreciation for each on behalf of TMA and its membership:

“Sen. Craig Wilcox (SD-32) was 100% aligned with TMA on his candidate questionnaire and is eager to collaborate with TMA members in his new district. We congratulate him on his re-election and are looking forward to growing our relationship with Senator Wilcox.”

“Sen. Don DeWitte (SD-33) has been a consistent champion of manufacturing and friend to TMA in the Illinois Senate. We are excited the people of the 33rd Senate District agreed and voted him into another term of office. We look forward to continuing to work with Senator DeWitte on behalf of our members and their employees.”

“Illinois manufacturers are facing a crippling loss to our workforce. Rep. Tim Ozinga (HD-27) has been leading efforts to get our state back to work. With manufacturers ready to fill high-tech manufacturing jobs, working together we can get our state back to producing for our country and beyond at a high level.”

“As a small businessman who has consistently pushed back on our state’s anti-business policies, Rep. Martin McLaughlin (HD-52) is exactly whom we need fighting for manufacturers in Springfield. We congratulate him on his re-election and are excited to continue this important work together.”

“We congratulate Representative Tom Weber (HD-64) on his re-election to the Illinois House. We’re excited to work with him on important issues that not only impact the manufacturers in his district but manufacturers across the whole state. It’s refreshing to have a pro-manufacturing, pro-growth leader like Rep. Weber in Springfield.”

“Rep. Dan Ugaste (HD-65) has been a reliable ally to manufacturers in the Illinois House and TMA is excited to see the voters of Kane County re-elect him to another term. Our manufacturers face a lot of headwinds when it comes to ridiculous regulations and high taxes, but we know we have Representative Ugaste standing up for us.”

“With TMA’s expansion into the Rockford region, we’re glad to have a strong ally like Rep. Joe Sosnowski (HD-69) representing TMA members and values in Springfield. Rockford and the manufacturing community have a deep history and we’re ready to work with leaders like Rep. Sosnowski to strengthen our industry.”

“Representative-Elect Jed Davis (HD-75) made it clear in his candidate questionnaire that when he arrives in Springfield, small and midsize manufacturers will have a fighter standing up for them. We are ready to support Representative-Elect Davis in fighting for our members and their employees.”

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