Third Ridgewood High class completes CNC Basic Training at TMA

The third consecutive class from Ridgewood High School completed basic CNC training at TMA last Thursday at TMA’s Schaumburg Education & Training Center.

Their TMA instructor Paul Newman presented each of the six students with a TMA Introductory CNC Training Level 1 Completion diploma and NIMS CNC Basic Machining certification.

Ridgewood High students began coming to TMA for training in 2018. They spend two mornings a week learning basic CNC machining skills at TMA’s Schaumburg headquarters. Their training makes them prime candidates for internships at the district’s manufacturers, and several Ridgewood students have proceeded on to advanced career skills.

Several local manufacturers actively advise the high school as to beneficial courses and training that would prepare Ridgewood High students for technology and manufacturing careers.

TMA Member company C & L Supreme in Des Plaines, IL sent Operations Manager Gary O’Gradney to talk about the career opportunities they would have at their company.

TMA Vice-President of Education & Training Patrick Osbourne was on hand to congratulate the students, as well.

To find out more about Ridgewood’s cooperative efforts with TMA Education & Training, check out: