TMA: 2024 IL Legislative Session a Mixed Bag for Small and Midsize Manufacturers

SCHAUMBURG, IL – Technology & Manufacturing Association Executive Vice President Dennis LaComb issued the following statement today on the completion of the Illinois General Assembly’s 2024 spring legislative session:


“As the spring session of the Illinois General Assembly limped to a close at 4:43 am today, TMA members were left with a mixed bag of missed opportunities and costly tax hikes tempered with one shining light – the legislature finally fixed the flawed Biometric Information Privacy Act that threatened small and midsize manufacturers with annihilative lawsuits.


“TMA is strongly encouraging the Governor to sign SB2979 into law as soon as possible as our members need immediate BIPA liability protection. At the same time, we are left scratching our heads as Illinois legislators again slammed the business community with nearly $1 billion in tax increases. While Illinoisans continue to struggle to pay their bills in this difficult economy, the State of Illinois just continues its record spending, even granting themselves a pay raise and the ability to request millions in pork barrel projects.


“It’s time for the Governor and legislators to start working with small and midsize manufacturers to grow the economy and create jobs instead of continuing to use our members as a piggy bank for their new spending programs.”



About TMA: Founded in 1925, TMA is an independent trade association exclusively funded by industry and solely focused on small and midsize manufacturers. TMA has nearly 900 members representing approximately 39,000 manufacturing employees and more than 27 million square feet of manufacturing plant.