Second Ridgewood High class obtains first NIMS certifications

SCHAUMBURG – Instead of fretting over analysts’ projections of a shrinking candidate pool for American manufacturing, the Schaumburg, IL – based Technology & Manufacturing Association is preparing the next generation for potential great careers.

The second group of Ridgewood High School senior this school year that chose to take courses at Schaumburg’s TMA Training Center two days a week obtained their first NIMS certification for lathe operating. They will also soon receive NIMS mill operator certification.

The second class in the 2017-2018 school year consisted of twelve Ridgewood seniors. The first class consisted of eight seniors.

Passing NIMS certification exams assures potential employers of the students’ training and knowledge of basic skills that prepares the students to launch lucrative manufacturing careers.

“Having certifications like these often are differing factors when hiring,” TMA instructor Jack Krikorian told TMA News. “If Joe doesn’t have certification and Paul does, most supervisors would prefer the candidate with certification.”

Krikorian is currently chairman of NIMS Advisory Council, a two year stint. Krikorian holds the most known NIMS certifications, currently at 25.

Along with Jack Krikorian, TMA instructor Paul Newman teaches the Ridgewood students and awarded the certificates after all the students passed the NIMS exam.