TMA welcomes SaMM Caucus for Fall 2023 veto session

SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois General Assembly is returning this week for its annual veto session, and TMA was on hand to welcome members of the growing Small and Midsized Manufacturers Caucus (SaMM Caucus). 

Over the summer, the SaMM Caucus continued to add new members from both sides of the aisle in the Illinois Senate and Illinois House.

“The purpose of the SaMM Caucus is to bring lawmakers together to focus just on issues pertaining to Illinois small and midsized manufacturers,” said TMA state lobbyist David Curtin. “Many lawmakers say they are learning a lot about our members’ issues, and I’m pleased with how interest in the caucus continues to grow.” 

In the early fall, the SaMM Caucus met online to discuss and consider legislation that would help small and midsized manufacturers. They plan to present a number of proposals and work together to get them to the governor’s desk. 

At the same time, TMA members have been inviting their district lawmakers to visit their facilities and learn firsthand about the challenges and rewards of manufacturing in Illinois. 

“TMA members and their willingness to invite lawmakers to their businesses to see firsthand how decisions affect their districts have had a big impact on the SaMM Caucus,” said Dennis LaComb, TMA Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff.

“The more state lawmakers are acquainted with businesses, the more lawmakers will be aware of the impact their decisions make on businesses and their team’s families.” 

David Curtin says he’s encouraged with the interaction he’s had with lawmakers concerning small and midsized manufacturers. 

“Leadership in both houses have shown interest, and that’s a positive for the industry. Illinois depends on a healthy manufacturing industry. The SaMM Caucus is growing to hopefully make a difference in the state and the industry’s future.”

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