TMA Pres Rauschenberger: Springfield has an addiction to others’ money

SCHAUMBURG – Technology & Manufacturing Association President Steve Rauschenberger says the proposed change to Illinois income tax system will be devastating for taxpayers, businesses and manufacturers.

And the problem stems back to Illinois lawmakers’ addiction to taxpayers’ money.

TMA is joining with an array of other business associations sounding the alarm before the 2020 General Election, when Illinois voters will voice their opinion on moving from a flat income tax to a progressive tax.

Do good jobs matter to families?

“The heart and soul of any society is to produce and add wealth,” Rauschenberger told a group of taxpayers recently.

The state of Illinois is heart and soul of American manufacturing,” he said. “Today, 700,000 families depend on manufacturing for their middle-class lifestyle. Manufacturing is at risk for the state’s tax policy.”

The lawmakers say only the rich will pay if the state moves to a progressive tax. But can Illinois taxpayers trust what they say?

Those in control of the state’s political policy has ignored the state constitution’s balanced budget requirement. They’ve also protected their system of drawing legislative maps.

The last protection for taxpayers want to take away the state’s flat tax, Rauschenberger said.

“If you take manufacturers and raise their cost of production on the world stage, we lose jobs,” he said. “The progressive tax will raise manufacturers’ costs. That will negatively affect our productive industries.”

People will tell you that its not about taxing the middle class. The proposed rates does not appear to affect middle class taxpayers. However, they will be able to raise the rates to get more money to spend in Springfield, he said.

Three big lies those promoting the progressive tax say will change the state’s financial situation, the former state senator told the group:

  • Not enough revenue
  • Tax increase will fix it.
  • Trust us.

“Those claims are just not true,” Rauschenberger said. “Illinois has plenty of money coming in. Springfield has an addiction to other people’s money. ”

A video of Rauschenberger’s comments:

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