New York Times Focuses On Chicago Ford Plant’s Alleged Harassment Culture

CHICAGO – The New York Times recently focused on two Ford plants in Chicago accused of allowing an environment tolerating sexual harassment – a culture that could cost the manufacturer millions.

On portion of the story said this: 

Ford has worked to combat harassment at the plants, including recently stepping up disciplinary efforts and installing new leadership. But over the years the company did not act aggressively or consistently enough to root out the problem, according to interviews with more than 100 current and former employees and industry experts, and a review of legal documents.

Ford delayed firing those accused of harassment, leaving workers to conclude that offenders would go unpunished. It let sexual harassment training wane and, women charge, failed to stamp out retaliation.

The local union, obliged to protect both accusers and the accused, was divided, with a leadership that included alleged predators. And even the outsiders whom women turned to for help, including lawyers and the E.E.O.C., left some of them feeling betrayed.

The rest of the story is HERE.