New Avengers movie will spotlight how STEM can save the world

Maybe old-school manufacturers aren’t that enthralled with the STEM emphasis – but that needs to change. Manufacturing will need to be made attractive and cool to the next generation or America manufacturers could lose the very momentum they need to build and maintain to keep the industry alive and well over the next several decades.

A new movie coming out – Avengers: Infinity War – will draw a whole new generation into the intrigue and possibilities of saving the world by making things. In other words, manufacturing.

IndustryWeek’s writer John Hitch spoke with the movie directors, and they pointed to the importance of STEM thinking to the movie’s heroes.

Nobody has a better sense of who these characters are right now then the directors of Infinity War, Anthony and Joe Russo, who I recently spoke with about these characters and their connection to STEM.

“Their fluency in science and technology is a big part of their super power, if not their entire super power in some cases,” Anthony says. “That’s a core part of their identity and who they are.”

The popularity of the new Avengers movie could be a turning point for attracting a whole new generation towards careers in STEM and manufacturing. Will manufacturers jump on the Avenger wave?

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