Meet Anthony Genovese: teacher, manufacturer, motivator

ROLLING MEADOWS – When Anthony Genovese started teaching engineering and manufacturing classes at Rolling Meadows High School, a small class of 16 students was enrolled. Six years later, an amazing 200 Rolling Meadows students come to his classes every day, excited to learn more about opening their career visions to include the options of making things with machinery, tools and automation.

In a time when manufacturers are intensely seeking a generation of machinists, engineers, and team members interested in developing crucial skills for moving into place as the previous Boomer team retires, Genovese’s insight is golden.

TMA visited Genovese’s classroom and asked just how he exponentially multiplied Rolling Meadows students’ interests in manufacturing – something the whole industry is trying hard to do.

Here’s a clip of that interview … More in TMA’s upcoming August News Bulletin.