Masters of Manufacturing

TMA MediaJanuary 10, 2023

After growing up in a Fort Wayne orphanage, John Winzeler’s grandfather “Johnny” came to Chicago. As a pioneer tool and die maker, Johnny built up a substantial business with a partner. When the 1930s Great Depression hit America,

TMA MediaMay 16, 2022

In photo: Hillary & Ross Joy with Samuel Joy (l to r)  Ross and Hillary Joy have been working as a powerful, energetic team over the past few years to revive a small manufacturing company in South Elgin, Illinois. Their

TMA MediaMay 16, 2022

Nearly 200 Northern Illinois High School Students Participated in TMA’s 30th Annual Precision Machining Competition in Schaumburg TMA’s Competition is the Association’s Most Significant and Effective Initiative for Career Recruitment into Precision Metal Working SCHAUMBURG, IL – 190 high school

TMA MediaMarch 25, 2022

Albert Raczynski points back to the countless hours he spent playing with red, blue and yellow Legos as the likely time when his passion for designing, building and completing projects began. “I built and played with Legos on the floor