Manufacturing is crucial to Illinois’ future

Illinois is a hub for American manufacturing – and if manufacturing was driven out because of state lawmakers’ short-sighted public policy, the state’s budget would take a massive hit.

Technology & Manufacturing Association’s vice-president Dennis LaComb wrote about it in a recent Daily Herald Business Ledger op-ed piece entitled “Illinois: A hub for American Manufacturing“:

Because of our state’s strategic geographic location and our access to transportation infrastructure, Illinois is a hub for American manufacturing. This is why the Chicagoland area contains 5 of the 10 biggest manufacturing zip codes in the country.

If all manufacturing left Illinois, the economic hit, both statewide and locally, would be catastrophic. We would lose over 12,000 businesses, nearly 590,000 jobs, and $104 billion of our state’s annual total output. With Illinois’s economy already struggling, manufacturing is the single most important industry in the Land of Lincoln.

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